Listen & Vote: Steve Aoki feat. Wynter Garden – Ladi Dadi (Eyonics Remix)

Have a listen to our Remix of Steve Aoki’s Song “Ladi Dadi” that we made on Beatport Play

Its a powerfull progressive House and Trance mixture, that we did the last nights 🙂
If you like it, join or log in on Beatport and vote for us (User Voting starts on 7th February 2012)
Share the Love 🙂


2 Replies to “Listen & Vote: Steve Aoki feat. Wynter Garden – Ladi Dadi (Eyonics Remix)”

  1. wow..people..after sineeg all the comments, u guys never go to a club don’t u? especially that person, loudybadi. dude, u just can’t summarize music by wikipedia and listening to the mp3 at ur house. u should come out sometime’, a club would be perfect for ur knowledge. just dance, and livin it. all music are good.

    1. Hanin

      coming from a house head, i HATE dubstep. it just sondus like aggressive noise. i think of house music as the euphoric dancing energy from a live show, a live dubstep show would be a bunch of metal heads thrashing their fists in peoples faces. absolutely hate it.


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