A Night to Groove 043

For A NIGHT TO GROOVE we spent hours of hours every month of crate digging to bring you the best and newest trance music to yours ears. Carefully selected and mixed seamlessly you get a whole hour music without annoying commercial breaks or talks. This episode features another dose of progressive and uplifting music. Prepare yourself for bangers from Ben Nicky, David Gravell, Alexander Popov and others but also evolving artists like Coolio83, Jerzyk and Adip Kiyoi which delivers our FUTURE FAVORITE OF THE MONTH with his new rocket “Velocity”. We are also proud to announce that our new single BELLS OF AVALON is now released and can be downloaded in all major record stores.
This month’s CLASSIC OF THE MONTH is a real hidden classic by DJ I.C.O.N: “Voco me” which has released back in 1998 on the legendary Electric Kingdom imprint. We play for you the iconic Flim Flam Remix.

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  1. Simon Lee & Alvin – Xcelerate (Extended Intro Mix)
  2. Local Heroes & Linnea Schossow – Home (Extended Mix)
  3. Eyonics – Bells of Avalon (Club Edit)
  4. Alexander Popov & Digital X – Spacewalk (Extended Mix)
  5. Snatt & Vix – Revive (Airborn Remix)
  6. KhoMha – Nox Mea (Extended Mix)
  7. DJ I.C.O.N. – Voco Me (Film Flam Remix)
  8. Ben Nicky & Chris Schweitzer – The Switch (Extended Mix)
  9. Adip Kiyoi – Velocity
  10. David Gravell – The Riddle (Extended Mix)
  11. Coolio83 – Appendix (Original Mix)
  12. Jerzyk – Lost & Found (Eyonics Remix)